Thursday, July 9, 2009

Beautiful Maine

Hello all! We’ve been having a great summer thus far. We started with a bang, adding six new people to the staff from our Whitewater Guide Training. These adventurous youngsters guided the Kennebec River 20 times, and even made a few trips down the Penobscot for fun. Check out their pictures in our employee section of our website if you get a chance.

From there, we’ve run a number of canoeing, kayaking, and (of course!!) whitewater rafting trips. And with all the rain the last two weeks, the rivers have risen to excitement overload levels! In addition, we had our first fishing trip of the month last weekend, reminding me of the meaning of ‘relaxing vacation’.

Maine sure is getting prettier everyday. The sun is back out, the Moose are plentiful, and the fish are jumping. Who could ask for more?

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