Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Rafting Trip of the Season

Our first whitewater rafting trip of the season was this week and what an interesting trip it was! This trip was a college trip, set up as an overnight rafting trip. As the week approached, we knew that camping in tents was not going to be a reality. Maine was pounded with snow this season and it is still on the ground here in the Moosehead Lake region. So, we opted for warm cabins and what a good decision that was! Thursday, it snowed on the Kennebec River trip. Yes, snow. Pictured here is the Kennebec River put-in at Harris Station and the stairs are covered with snow. At times, the guide's claimed to be in a whitewater rafting blizzard. What an experience! After the rafting trip, all were happy to get out of their wet gear, put on warm clothes, while the guide's cooked hot meals and filled the students bellies. Day two of rafting, ironically, it was 50 degrees, sunny and beautiful. Talk about interesting and crazy weather. Everyone came back to Northeast Guide Service basecamp with sunny red faces and big smiles. They laughed as they watched the slideshow pictures of the day. I couldn't believe that they actually swam, willingly in Swimmer's rapid. The water temperature isn't even 40 degrees at this time of year. Thank you UNE for joining Northeast Guide Service on a whitewater rafting overnight trip. You provided us with many laughs, great stories, and an experience that we will not forget. Keep us in mind for your next adventure! 888-484-3317. www.northeastguideservice.com

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  1. Haven't had a chance to talk to any students, as I've been off the past couple of days. However from looking at Facebook Statuses, updates, and pictures and from conversations on the ride home they all had a blast!!! Jeremy, Brian, Chuck and Jim were great, the trip wouldn't have been the same if we had used another company. You guys went above and beyond (moving us to a cabin), to make the trip enjoyable for all. The food was excellent and I think all of the students took away a lot. You all exceeded any expectations I had for the trip (which were high). I can't thank you enough and look forward to working with Northeast Guide Service again in the future and have recommended to everyone I know!

    Thanks Again!

    Zach Schmesser
    Coordinator of Outdoor Recreation
    University of New England


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