Thursday, November 3, 2011

It's much warmer here...

So, J and I have been traveling since Monday with Abby and Manny (our faithful dogs). It's been an eventful road trip thus far. We left snow in the Northeast. We've seen the northeastern shore, traveled in Virginia, across the Chessapeake Bay bridge, through North and South Carolina and are now on the border of Georgia and Florida, just outside of Jacksonville and it's much warmer here. We've found a lovely campground to park our camper and relax for the next week or so. Most people think it must be so easy to relax, but J and I find it hard. We work steadily from January until the end of October. The winter months are spent working in the office, marketing, talking to people and trying to get people to come to Maine for their summer vacation. It's hard to change gears and have it be our turn, but here we are and I'm sure before the vacation ends, we will feel relaxed to some degree and then have to get working again. But, until then, I need to enjoy my summer, (in November), out of the state of Maine. So, here I am, with my feet up, dogs on my side, listening to the crickets, enjoying the stars and the warmth because it's my turn to have a little vacation away. We plan to have no plans and it's interesting that way, but will help to keep it mellow. I'll keep you posted on our relaxation efforts and our journey to get there from here.

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