Friday, December 9, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

This week started with rain and has ended with significant snowfall. Everything is snow covered and beautiful. It looks like we will have a White Christmas in Maine this year.
It's always nice to hear from the Northeast Guide Service staff during the Holidays. Each one of us goes our separate ways during the winter months and then tend to reconnect in the spring for outdoor education and gearing up for whitewater rafting.
Jared tells me that he's training for a single day bike ride across Florida (170 miles in April) the longest single day ride in America. He recently ran a half-marathon on Thanksgiving morning (it was a warm day). Jared also only has 4 more courses until he gets his MBA (so close). As if Jared hasn't been doing enough, since I saw him last, but I'd be lying...he made 2 news stations for hurricane kayaking in Florida!
Josh tells me he is working at Saddleback Mountain again this year and is ready for the snow to fall, so he can hunker down and enjoy it.
Joanie and Chris and little Ripley will be going out and cutting down their own Christmas tree in the woods this year...which she hasn't done since she was a little kid. This is such a nice way to begin her own tradition with her young family.
Brittany has been keeping busy between school and work. Brittany goes to school for Radiology and works for Northeast Guide Service taking guests reservations in the summer. She had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is looking forward to being home (which is Greenville), at Christmas to spend time with family and friends.
Chuck tells me I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel, when I come asking him what he is up to. Chuckles always makes us all chuckle at his sarcastic wit! Chuck tells me he had been looking for some new places to see some moose in his neck of the woods and found some nice ponds. Chuck has a great camp and since the weather is getting colder, it's about time to close up for the year. This part of our conversation made me laugh, but I can feel his pain, too. In Chuck's words, "took my cell phone for a walk through a bog. Turned out the bog was deeper than my pants pocket and I lost all my numbers."
As for us (and the dogs of course), we are ready to play in the snow!
As I hear from the gang, I'll let you all know how their doing and what they are up to, until the next season of whitewater rafting in Maine and guided outdoor adventure begins!

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