Saturday, January 7, 2012

Family Vacation Ideas

From childhood thru adulthood, we all are eager to go on a family vacation. As children, our parents tell us what to pack, where we are going, and to be nice to your brother along the way. As adults, we want to pick family vacation spots that will be relaxing for mom and dad, fun for the kids, and provide a quality, memorable experience for the entire family. It's important to have family vacation ideas that weigh cost, travel time, adventure, eating, where to stay and most!
Maine is a wonderful place to visit in the summer time. Whether it be that you begin or end your vacation at Maine's coast, it's well worth it. Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor are lovely coastal areas to enjoy, but then come inland to the closest Maine whitewater rafting adventure company to the Bar Harbor region and enjoy family rafting trips on the Kennebec river, wildlife and moose watching canoe tours in the early mornings and evenings daily, leisurely walks in the woods to see amazing Maine waterfalls or relax on the largest lake, Moosehead Lake.
If you love the outdoors, spending quality time with your family and a relaxing getaway, than the Moosehead Lake region of Maine is the right family vacation idea for you. We have quaint gift shops, terrific family owned restaurants and even Maine lobster or "lobstah" for some!!
So, while you are spending time inside during the winter months, take some time to look into a Maine vacation with Northeast Guide Service. You will see the best of Maine, with the best in Maine for outdoor adventures and family fun!

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