Monday, April 23, 2012

First Raft Trip of 2012 Season

This past weekend was our first whitewater rafting trip of the 2012 season with UNE outing club! It is our second year in a row of taking this awesome group of college students for April rafting on the Kennebec River. We have all decided this has to be an annual event! We all had way to much fun to not keep this good thing going.

Friday, our guides spent the day prepping food and equipment for the weekend overnight rafting trip. We were up early Saturday morning to attend to last minute details and then get the UNE students geared up for the rafting day. The entire group was excited to load up on the bus and head to the river! Breakfast on the bus ride, river safety talk and then time to hit the rapids.

Conversations unfolded about the comparison from last year's rafting trip to this year's rafting trip and of course, we all were thankful there was no snow! But, those that rafted last year definitely are in a special group of river rafters to raft on the Kennebec river, with snow on the ground and snow falling from the sky the entire day!

Our first raft trip of the 2012 season is always a memorable one and a great way for this group to tell all their friends that they are the first people out on the Kennebec River in Maine for whitewater rafting! We enjoyed hot, home cooked meals, laughing a lot, and a the Mighty Kennebec river for 2 days of rafting fun.

We are all looking forward to next year already! Thanks UNE for a great time!

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  1. You guys are awesome! Thanks for another wonderful trip! Everything we could have asked for and more. Jeremy, Steve, Jeremy, and Chuck are wonderful and made our experience, just that an experience. It was never apparent that this was the first trip of the season, every detail was perfect..from food, to the motel to our two days on the river! Can't wait to set-up next years trip. I've heard that there are several students who where on the trip that, that's all they have talked about for the past two days! Thanks for all of the work that everyone at Northeast Guide Service put into making this such a wonderful trip!

    Thanks again!

    Zach Schmesser
    Coordinator of Outdoor Recreation
    University of New England


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