Sunday, August 12, 2012

Best Vacations to Brings the Kiddos On!

On Thursday, August 9th we had 19 people join us for an exciting day of whitewater rafting on the Kennebec River! The weather was cloudy with a few thunder showers in the afternoon. The rafters were all in good spirit and didn't care if it rained, they're going to get soaking wet by the river! Dan's boat was made up of some first time rafters from New Jersey. Goomo's boat was made up of a family from Worcester, Mass with a bunch of kids that were all first time rafters. Casey's boat was made up of up a family from Boston that are experienced rafters with a mom along for the ride that has never rafted before...lets just say she was a bit nervous. Everyone loved the thrill ride of the upper river and their lunch of grilled steak and chicken. Once again we got great reviews about our brownies! After lunch the kids on the trip decided to take a nice swim in the lower river. The lower river is a great swimming rapid for kids! With a great group of people and guides and our great guides, it was simply just another great day on the Kennebec for Northeast Guide Service

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