Monday, September 3, 2012

Late Summer Rafting

The end of august is a great time to go on a whitewater adventure in Maine.  Beautiful weather combined with adrenaline filled activities makes for a wonderful vacation memory.  August 25 we hosted 27 people on the Kennebec River. One group was here enjoying a bachelor party and took full advantage of our inflatable kayaks (aka duckies).  Splashing and floating around in the duckies was definitely welcomed on this hot August day.  On Sunday's trip we had a young lady celebrating her sweet sixteen birthday with us. She had an "awesome trip" and can't wait to do it again.  Once again the river lunch was a first class experience for all of the guests.  The next day we had a couple of groups with some nervous, but excited people. By the end of the trip they were loving every bit of the adventure. Lastly, we have the September 2nd trip. Beautiful weather and first timers were the topic of conversation on the river. We enjoyed the company of people from Nepal, Hawaii, and scattered places in the U.S. Everyone loved the river accommodations and can't wait to do it again on their next visit to Maine.   

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