Saturday, June 8, 2013

Top Five Reasons To Go White Water Rafting, Even When It Rains

The weatherman has been calling for rain, so we thought we should share the top five reasons that's not stopping us here at Northeast Guide Service from grabbing our gear and heading out for some great white water adventuring.
1.  The rain will get you either way, so you might as well have an awesome time in it
2.  Water is one of the four elements, it's only natural to want to be on the river
3. More rain = More river flow = Less work for paddlers
4. White Water Rafting was originally created as means of transportation.  Celebrate the hard work your ancestors did back in the day when it was up river both ways in torrential downfalls!
5. You'll never get a great picture of you out on the river, floating under a rainbow if you don't go out when its raining!

We'll see you out there!

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